United Church of Canada Employs Wiccan Priest

Church Life

The United Church of Canada is offering a different kind of Toronto blessing – that of its newly installed Wiccan priest.

Early this month, the denomination known for its liberal values shocked many by allowing the Rev. Gretta Vosper, an avowed atheist, to continue as “minister” at West Hill Toronto.

The Right Rev. Richard Bott, who leads the United Church of Canada, was pleased to reach a settlement with Vosper citing the church’s core values of faith in God and inclusiveness.

Following that move, the church reduced their statement of faith to “Believe in God or at least yourself and be accepting and affirming of everyone.”

But after reading James 2:19 where it says that even the demons believe in one God he realised that they also subscribed to their statement of faith. Therefore the door was opened to Wiccan priests and priestesses and Satanists.

We believe we have stepped forward into a new era,” stated Bott, “of all peoplekind standing united together.”

Whilst some congregations initially balked when sacrifices were introduced to their Sunday services, they quickly realised that it was only their own bigotry that was holding them back from fully participating.

Reporter: John Spencer aka Not the Bible

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