After the success of our Translators work on a Corona Virus Version of the Bible article, we thought: “Why don’t we actually write this version?”

And then we thought: “Why don’t we give all the profits to help charities that are supporting people during this time?”

And then shockingly we had a third thought in the row (before we were quite exhausted): “Why don’t we let our readers contribute towards it too?”

And that’s what we did: we created The Coronavirus Bible which contains satirical COVID-19 takes on more than 60 beloved Bible stories or parables, including:

  • Genesis 11 – The Tower of Toilet Rolls
  • Psalm 23 – The Lord is my Sales Assistant
  • John 2 – Jesus turns water into hand sanitizer
  • Luke 10 – The Parable of the social distancing Samaritan
  • John 6 – Jesus turns 5 toilet rolls into 5,000
  • Ephesians 6 – Put on the PPE of God!

Amazon is restricting books with the name Coronavirus in them so we’re having to sell this from our own download store for the time being.

We’re going to be adding more chapters to the next (and more expensive) version. 

If you want to contribute an idea or a chapter then simply drop John Spencer (editor of this site) an email with your submission.

All contributors will be credited and receive a free ecopy of the book.

Our working list of chapters are below (key:  green = written, blue = ideas submitted/more still welcome, black = haven’t touched it yet) or you could submit something that isn’t on this list. :

  1. Creation
  2. Adam and Eve
  3. The Fall
  4. Cain and Abel
  5. The Flood
  6. The Tower of Babel
  7. The call of Abram/Covenant
  8. Sodom and Gomorrah
  9. Abraham Tested
  10. Jacob and Esau
  11. Jacob tricked by Lot
  12. Jacob wrestles an angel
  13. Joseph and his brothers
  14. Birth of Moses
  15. The call of Moses/burning bush
  16. The 10 plagues/Passover
  17. Crossing the Red Sea
  18. Manna, quail, water from a rock
  19. The 10 commandments
  20. The golden calf
  21. The tabernacle/ark
  22. The Law
  23. Exploring Canaan/people rebel
  24. Joshua and the battle of Jericho
  25. Gideon
  26. Samson
  27. Ruth and Boaz
  28. Saul
  29. Samuel anoints David
  30. David and Goliath
  31. Saul’s jealousy
  32. David and Jonathan
  33. David spares Saul’s life
  34. David becomes king/Ark brought to Jerusalem
  35. Psalms (23, 121)
  36. David and Bathsheba
  37. Solomon’s wisdom
  38. Some proverbs
  39. Proverbs 31
  40. Ecclesiastes
  41. Song of Songs
  42. Elijah and the widow
  43. Elijah and Ahab/Mount Carmel
  44. Elijah chariot of fire/Elisha jeered
  45. Naaman
  46. Isaiah/Jeremiah/Ezekiel prophecies
  47. The golden idol/fiery furnace
  48. Daniel and the lion’s den
  49. Jonah
  50. Birth of Jesus
  51. John the Baptist
  52. Temptation of Jesus
  53. Jesus turns water into wine
  54. Jesus and Nicodemus
  55. Jesus and the woman at the well
  56. The Beatitudes
  57. Sermon on the mount -murder, adultery, eye for an eye, giving, fasting
  58. The Lord’s Prayer
  59. Sermon on the mount – judging others, ask/seek/knock, wise &foolish builders
  60. Treasure in Heaven
  61. The Cost of Following Jesus
  62. Jesus heals a leper/paralytic/blind man
  63. Parables -sower, weeds, lamp under bushel, hidden treasure, etc
  64. Jesus feeds the 5000
  65. Lord of the Sabbath
  66. Parable of the Lost Sheep/Coin/Prodigal Son
  67. Rich young man
  68. Day and hour unknown
  69. Jesus and the children
  70. Jesus clears the Temple
  71. The Last Supper
  72. Peter denies Jesus
  73. Jesus death and resurrection
  74. The great commission
  75. Jesus ascends
  76. The day of Pentecost
  77. Paul’s letters (& more than conquerors, the armour of God)
  78. James – faith without works
  79. Revelation – letter to the churches
  80. Revelation and new heaven and earth

The Salty Cee: where even the worst satire floats.

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