Everyone conflicted after new immigration executive order



Last week President Donald Trump signed an immigration executive order that would halt the family separation order and thus keep families of immigrants together when detained.

However, rather than resolving the issues, it seems this executive order has caused a whole host of new problems.

Democrats have temporarily had the wind taken out of their sails and are quickly scrabbling to point out how so much more could be done so they don’t have to congratulate President Trump on his U-turn.

“It’s great that immigrant families are kept together in detention but what about American families?” asked Alvin McCrain, a democrat supporter from New York, “They should abolish the separate children’s prisons and let them join their parents too!”

Another vociferous critic of Trump added, “And what about those using other people’s children to get them into the country?  They should also be allowed to stay together!”

On the other side a spokesperson for the attorny general said that Jeff Sessions will “make an announcement on the new policy as soon as he has found a suitable Bible verse to support it.”

Similarly Trump supporters are struggling: “He changes his mind so often that it’s hard to keep up with what we should think,” said Phyllis Jackson from Texas, “It’s so hard to maintain momentum on issues such as opposing immigration when the goal posts keep changing!”

Reporters: Dr Parson Peeves and John Spencer

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