Satirical Website in Hiding Until Dust Settles


The Salty Cee is ducking behind the parapet, lying low and staying quiet until it’s all over.

No, we’re not being sued again by the Babylon Bee (well actually there is something we could say about that but our wives tell us that now would not be the time to joke about it).

It’s the whole Brett Kavanaugh thing.

Yup, he’s got confirmed and the world has lost its mind.

Try making a joke out of this without getting chewed up by one side.

I mean there are levels of anger and this is off the Richter scale.

Who needs that grief in their life?

No, certainly not us.

We would never do anything like that.

So why are you still reading? 

We said we’re not going to say anything about it.

I mean if you distrust us that much then we have to ask “why would you be here in the first place?”

Are you a troll or something?

There you go again.  Reading even more of this non-article.

OK, this is starting to creep us out.

We’re calling the FBI!

What do you mean they’ll just write a report and do nothing?

Now look what you made us do!

Reporter: It wasn’t us, honestly officer

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